Thursday, August 30, 2007


On this birhtday Thursday I thought I'd write about 13 things I could and should be doing today!!

1) Finishing my 3 admit slips due next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

2) Finishing my homework from Science and Social Studies due tomorrow.

3) Cleaning the kitchen and finishing the dishes.

4) The piles of laundry piled up in my room.

5) Working on my practicum for Social Studies and Science.

6) Cleaning up my office and put things away.

7) Go get my computer from my dads.

8) Wash my car.

9) Call Dell and start the battle over getting working parts.

10) Iron the few clean clothes that I have.

11) Start cooking something for dinner.

12) Clean my bathroom.

13) A combination of any of these many things!!!

But what am I doing instead? I'm on the computer and headed back to my couch to be lazy! I'll keep ya posted if I get anything accomplished!! :)


DellTech said...


I’m at Dell Headquarters in Austin, Texas and I figured I'd write to see if I could help with number nine on your list. If you have trouble with getting your system up and running feel free to contact me.

Dell, Inc.

Stacy said...

Thanks for the help. But you are?? :)

DellTech said...


I'm part of the Online Community Outreach Team here at Dell. We look for people who need technical support on blogs, forums, social networking sites, etc.

Dell, Inc.

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