Tuesday, April 2, 2013

10 on Tuesday *Happy Girl*

Happy April and Tuesday Friends!
Life is good, but I'm very random today.
Definitely having a case of ADD... so this may be more than 10, may be less, will be random!!
The only downfall is now I'm having to wait a week. I was catching up on old episodes and watching a couple at a time!! I don't have patience!!
WALKING DEAD is gone!!
So is Andrea- you deserve it for not killing him in his sleep honey!!
I can't wait for next season!!
Easter was so great! Alex and I went to Cola to see his fam!
It was the best time with some DELISH food!!
His sis snapped a few pics!

Happy is an understatement!!

I'm gonna challenge myself to do this and hopefully tone myself up!
I feel flabby! LOL

Joining with Kel at Honor, Courage, Commitment 
Come to find out this cool chick is moving to my neighborhood!

I finally added St. Pats pics...
Here's a few from our night!

This week is going to be super long! 8 hours at work plus promos after til 7/8...
Tired already, but it's my GAMECOCK MONEY!!!

My mom's the best... ever!

more wedding pics from Amy's wedding

my cousin's are the greatest

This was picture overload... and I am done!!


Katrin said...

It is stupid that we have to wait until October to see more Walking Dead! But at least Game of Thrones is back!

Kelly said...

Woo hoo! 30 in 30 (or 50 in 30??!) I'm excited for April :)

ps - love that floral dress in the second to last pic!

Amy said...

i'm thinking of trying the 30 in 30 too! :) I think it will be doable!
Also i recognize that headband!

Martha Woods said...

We don't have cable so we wait for the box sets and watch Game of Thrones on DVD. We haven't even started season 2 yet :P but I've read the books, so I'm way ahead on the story anyway!

Anonymous said...

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