Tuesday, March 26, 2013


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This is all you're getting today!
OK, in all fairness, I wanted to do a 10 on Tuesday and a Weekend Recap (late I know) but y'all! I'm am feeling like I was hit by a bus. They say the norovirus is going around... maybe that's what I got! I know I've been reading about some of you and your babies esp suffering with it... did you send it via blog??

I did decide to start a bloglovin' account and commit to blog more b/c I miss it.
But lets face it- it's hard to blog when it's so cold out and you just stay in.
If Spring ever starts- that will change- I promise you and me!!

But b/c I love my pics-
A sneak of my weekend and who's on my hit list!!


My beautiful cousin got married!! It was a great weekend!!

This bastard lied!!

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