Friday, April 12, 2013

5 Things on Friday!

Hello All!!
I know, I know! It's been a while! It's been a crazy week, but I have some exciting things in the works! I can't say just yet, but it could be a great break for me!! And financially, it will be FAB!!!

I found this fun 5 things to link up with on this FRIDAY!!!

5 Things...'ll find in my bag.
  1. lipstick... way to many. They multiply in there!!

  2. wallet... it may be empty, but it's there
  3. pen... though I can never find it when I need it!
  4. keys... them suckers take up most of the space in there!
  5. phone... when it's not in my hand that is!'ll find in my bedroom. 
  1. my comfy bed

  2. tv
  3. too much jewelry

  4. sweet pups, unless I'm not in there
  5. rocking chair

...I've always wanted to do.
  1. bungee jump
  2. stand up paddleboard (that's coming soon)
  3. go to Disney (insert sad story here)

  4. get married and be a mommy
  5. take dance lessons (spec Shag)

...I'm currently loving.
  1. my sweet pups that are all around me!
  2. my new opportunity that's come up!

  3. my mommy (of course)
  4. my sweets!
  5. my many blessings

...quirks I have.

  1. I like numbers to end on a divisible of 5
  2. I wear my heart on my sleeve (this can be a bad thing)

  3. I say "I'm sorry" way to much!
  4. I second guess myself all the time, with people and things!
  5. I am goofy and childish at times!

And because I HATE not having pics in a post.
A couple cute ones from my promo last night where I met Mr. Wild Turkey!! How cool is that??

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Kelly said...

I am also dying to try stand-up paddle boarding! I'm hoping that I'll be able to get out and try it now that the weather is finally warming up :)

PS - we move this weekend! Woo hoo!

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