Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I'm Loving...

I've never done a "What I'm Loving Wednesday" but since I haven't posted in so long- I figured this is a good way to get started back up!

1) I am loooooving life right now! I hit a number on the scales I haven't seen in- well lets face it- I've never seen this number as an adult! And it feels great!!

2) I'm loving my moma! It's Mother's Day this weekend y'all! Don't forget about your madre's! Mine will be bandaged up from surgery, but not gonna love on her any less!!
3) I'm loving "50 Shades"- Y'all- I for reals read these books in 5 days! They were sooooo good! Yes- there was sex in there and yes- it was INTENSE- but the love story underneath?! I laughed, cried, and said "OHEMGEE" maybe twenty times!! Get them- read them- you'll thank me! (So will your significant other)

3a) Speaking of- there's talk of a movie about them-- who's your vote for Christian Grey?!
I'm sorry, look at those Chris Pine eyes! He wins no matter what in my eyes!!

4) I'm LOOOOVING running! I got me a snazzy new iPod nano and have really picked up my distance I can go! I have another 5K this weekend and I can NOT wait! I just get such a freeing thrill from them!!

5) I'm loving that I finally got some "goal pictures" taken by the fabulous Ramsey Winn!! We had such a fun time and she did absolutely fabulous! Here's a sneak, but seriously- check out her talent!!

6) I'm loving my little loves!! Even if I have to call poison control at 6 in the morning b/c my Chihuahua ate the tube of Neosporin!! They keep it interesting (and messy) at my house!

7) I'm loving my friends! I seriously have THE MOST BEAUTIFUL people in my life! I'm not even talking about their looks either! They all have such wonderful hearts and just make me smile every time I'm around them! They each offer somthing different to me and I thank God for them all daily!!

 Don't be a Theta Hata
 The Beautiful Bride!!!
 Lauren, Ashley and Me- Love them!!
 My date! LOL
 Beautiful ladies! Nicole, Ashley, me and Crystal
 I love love love these sweet women!! Amy, Elizabeth, Christina, Becky, Donna, Me and Maria! Thursdays are my favorite night b/c I spend it with them!
 This gal here is pretty much the awesomist! (Yes that's a word) My BFF, roomie and my sister from another mister! I'm so proud of her! She's Teacher of the Year BTW- in case you haven't heard me bragging on her enough! 10+ years of friendship through UPs and DOWNs!! I cherish her friendship!

8) I'm loving the sunshine and wait for it... the BEACH! I know, I hated the beach! But I can't get enough of it lately! Now, that opinion might change after July or so and it's 900 degrees out with no relief!
Yes- I love self pics- it's a sorority thing- I've done it for years! Don't hate!
8a) I love that I get to spend another beach day Saturday with my awesome Steele ladies and the long lost Christina! I THINK I remember what she looks like! :-D It's been too too too long!

I'm loving all of y'all for reading this long behind post of my life lately! I gotta do this more often! I love capturing my memories!!

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