Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nothing like a good book... except maybe a good workout!

Or two or three or four!

I'm moving along on my quest to read 12 book in 12 months in 2012. At this rate- I'll either be able to take a break for a few months, or read more than 12!

Up first- #3... Old Faithful, Nicholas Sparks...
Oh, Nick, you never let me down! I had this book done in 4 days- because I couldn't put it down!! I get so invested in his characters, it's hard to close the book, b/c you want to see what's going to happen next!

And OhhEmmGee!! Look what I just found!! Not due out until 2013- but I am so excited for another book to movie creations of his!!

Next up- #4... A little later than the rest, but still before the midnight premeire...
I surprised myself with reading a book in 4 days... well that was nothing compared to the 2 days it took to read "The Hunger Games"!! WOW! I admit, it was an easy read- but so very good also! I was instantly hooked and luckily, my ticket to the movie next week has been bought!! Can't wait to watch!

#5- No real surprise here... 
I had to see what was going to happen- and I am already 5 chapters in!!
Very excited to keep going!

In other news... this girl is moving along- by foot! I made my first trip over the Bridge last week with my friend Amy and it was A-MAZ-ING!! I was instantly hooked! I was also instantly sore! So, to fight that off, I decided to walk 3 miles around my neightborhood on Sunday. Followed by 3 on Monday, another bridge trip with my cousin Lauren on Tuesday and a lovely mile last night!
What to do next, but catch a leprachaun! Amy and I are going to be walk/run-ing in a 5K tonight in Mt. P to Catch the Leprachaun! We've got green shirts, make-up and a few other tricks! I can't wait. I may have a new addiction!!

Gotta snap a pic at the top of the bridge!! WOO HOO!!

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Amy said...

yeah yeahhhhh
TEAM PEETA! TEAM PEETA! i'm serious, if fictional characters were real i would fight some girls in the hunger games for a man like peeta. SHEESH.
Anyways...yay for walking. and we're doing it tomorrow morning too right?!

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