Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So What Wednesday!

On this short week and hump day- I decided to link up to Shannon and her "So What Wednesday" Post:
  • So what if the week's a short week- it still made my awesome weekend come to an end!
  • So what if it's been forever- we still get right back like we haven't missed a beat!
  • So what if we were in the middle of a technical "tropical storm" last night- I still got awesome sleep with the sound of the rain on my windows!!
  • So what if I don't have the coolest running shoes- YET- I still did my first mile with NO STOPS yesterday- and can't WAIT to go running again today!
  • So what if I love taking self-pics on my iPhone! It's who I am!
  • So what if I'm a little toasty in areas, I spent every day in the sun this weekend and plan to spend many more!!
  • So what that my tongue and fingers have paper cuts- I have over 100 Team In Training Envelopes to stuff!! Be looking out for yours!! Or save me time and donate here!!!
  • So what if I'm biased- this is the cutest ballerina in the WORLD!!
  • So what if it was my first time- I'll be doing it again! Having photo session with the awesome and talented Ramsey Winn- get your mind outta the gutters!
  • So what if there are only 2 days left til the weekend- I want a fast forward button!!
  • So what if I "feel" young- I'm getting old! They're planning my 10 YEAR REUNION!
  • So what if I love trashy romance books! A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! And you'd love them too if you read them!
So what if this bored you- it entertained me! :-P
Time for me to start working on the cake for the cutest little boy I know!! :-D


Brandy said...

My running shoes are so old I don't remember the year I bought them. Seriously need to go shopping.

Christina Frazier said...

How in the junk do i follow you? I feel like a moron trying to find the follow or add button. I always forget/can't figure out how to follow people. lol I'm going to keep searching until I figure it out hahaha

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