Thursday, May 24, 2012

Holy Bookworm, Batman!

I did it! I actually completed one of my resolutions!
12 in 12 in 2012!
I wanted to read 12 books in 12 months in the 2012 year- and I actually did it! In half the time no less!

Not gonna lie, some of these were some EASY reads- mainly b/c they were soooo freaking good!! I couldn't put them down! Hunger Game Trilogy in a week! 50 Shades- 5 days! I love a series, I love investing in the characters. I have NOOOO idea where to go from here but would LOVE any suggestions!

If you're interested in what my nose has been in and what my opinions are of each- keep reading!

1. Tim Tebow's "Through My Eyes"

I'll say it again- stick to football Tim! I reviewed this one here

 2. Jane Green's "Promises to Keep"

3. Nicholas Sparks "Safe Haven"

Already told you my thought here

4. Suzanne Collins "The Hunger Games"

and here
5. Suzanne Collins "Catching Fire"

And was in the middle of this one here! I did finish this, obviously and LOVED it! It was a simple read, but I really loved the characters!
6. Suzanne Collins "Mockingjay"

Oh sweet Mockinjay! You did me proud! I was DETERMINED to finish the entire series before the midnight premiere of "The Hunger Games" and just barely, I did it! I was so happy with the way things ended and that's all I'm gonna say- b/c I don't give away things- even in a review! You go read them!
7. E L James "50 Shades of Grey"

You heard my review of this...

8. E L James "50 Shades Darker"


9. E L James "50 Shades Freed"

and this here! But that's not going to keep me from saying again how much I LOVED them!!

**I'm going to go on a little soap box here- and because it's my blog- I can!**
I recently read a short article in Redbook titled: "What's the deal with Fifty Shades of Grey?"
My first thought was- umm, it's amazing! But, I read on to see their thoughts and had to quote the article b/c I feel like judgement is made on women who chose to read it.

"Just by reading this novel, some women may experience the thrill of taking on something new, taboo, and adventurous. They're saying, 'I'm going to read this, dammit, and I'm going to tell people if I like it.' That feels empowering" -Jerilyn Fisher

AMEN SISTA FRIEND! I am 27 years old and if I want to read a book I am gonna read a book. You don't have to! I am NOT going to judge you for NOT reading it, so don't judge me FOR reading it. I loved the books! I thought they were romantic, sexy, sweet, sad and will probably read them again if *fingers crossed* they make them a movie!
**OK- stepping off the soap box!- now accepting interviews for my Christian Grey**

10. Jamie McGuire "Beautiful Disaster"

So! After 50 Shades, I was in serious withdrawal! I've see several people with this attitude:

That's where this and the next two books I read came in! Good old Google and Amazon helped in my "what to read next?" Beautiful Disaster was- OK, it was a very easy read and I did LOVE the end- but it ENDED there- no hope for a series to come! It also focused on people in college- which is fine, but I really felt like reading them I was 21 again, and that's just sad that I can't be! LOL It's not bad, but not the best of my latest reads.
11. Sylvia Day "Bared to You"

Holy sexiness! When I started this, I didn't know if it was a series or not- but as I fell in love with the characters, I discovered, the author is in the works of the next book- Deeper in You! I can see what happens come fall! YAY!

12. Sylvain Reynard "Gabriel's Inferno"

I just finished this last night! So great! This was a change of what I was expecting and what I had been reading. This book was so romantic and just beautiful! I will admit, the author could get long winded as she described the correlation between Dante's Inferno and the characters in the book- and not having ever read Dante's Inferno (I hope this was never a reading assignment, b/c I skipped it) I was a little lost on those parts. But the underlying love story is what I love!

Even better news- the sequel to this came out THIS WEEK!!
I cannot wait to start reading this!!

Something about reading just calms me! I get so involved with the book and interested in the characters lives! I love that connection and that escape from reality.

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