Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Women's Bible Study

Lately, I have felt God at work in my life. I feel so incredibly blessed by what He is doing for me. In that, I keep asking Him to show me what I can do to give back to Him in some small way- though I know it won't compare to all He has given me!

My heart is craving a women's ministry. I recently put on facebook that I was seeking one out, but someone posted a comment that if I started one- they would come. That has got me thinking... God blessed me with the beautiful house- one with lots of room- and a couch big enough to seat many! What if I hosted a Bible study?? I don't know yet if I am at the point of "leading" one- but does any true study have a leader, other than God? We could allow Him to lead... I have a teaching backround and know how to prepare a lesson- it wouldn't be much to prepare something once a week in the evenings.

So that's where I am- I am going to begin to pray about if this is the right decision. This was not where I was going with this, but it's where He has lead me to think on.

I also ask- Charleston and CRBC friends (women), as you read this- would you be interested? Would you come? If so, what day and time and what would you want to study??

So many questions I am facing and have to pray about and let God decide for me.

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