Wednesday, April 6, 2011

With Tears In His Eyes...

Last night I hit a milestone with my dad. If you know anything about me and my dad- we have not always had the best relationship. He has made some major mistakes and I have not been perfect--close, but not perfect! :) Well, unfortunately, things have not gone well for him. After he and my mom's divorce, he lost his job and financially continued to go downhill. Well, a few months ago, it got worse. After a long, drawn out process (thankfully), the bank foreclosed on his house. He lost so much of the things in his home- some from being forced to give away, some from having to sell and even some being stolen. He is currently living in a garage- but is technically, homeless. That is one of the hardest things to say- my father is homeless.

The one thing that my dad made sure he held onto was his tools, trucks and truck parts. He was lucky in having friends letting him store his items at their properties, but alas- things do not last forever. He is having to sell or find a new home for his things. So this weekend he is going to Charlotte to a swap meet to sell 80% of the items he has!

I say this mini back story to explain last night. He came by my house for a bit and we got to talking. He has been collecting these items over the last 35-40 years. He, in a way, idolized these items. And this weekend he is getting rid of them. That for one- I am so proud.

The next bring chills to me again. As he was leaving, I got the nerve to do something I have never done with him, other than before meals-- pray. I asked him if I could pray for him and his trip and he was so willing to have me pray. I put my hand on his arm and we began. I spoke of given him and the men going a hedge of protection, that God would bless this trip and that my dad would be able to start over fresh and most important that he be able to remember to see God in all that happens, even know daddy has been knocked to his knees.

As we opened our eyes and I looked into his- there were tears. He left soon after to not show too much emotion, but before he did he said "Stacy, I may have lost it all and even thought about putting a gun to my head, but I have never lost my faith in God" and with that he hugged me goodbye and left.

It was one of the most precious moments we have ever had. I have prayed with my mom often, cried with her and can share any and everything-- but God let me see into my dad's heart last night and I know that with continued prayer- he will be able to turn his life around.

So with that, I ask that God keep that hedge of protection around them and give them travel mercies, and when they return, I ask that God continue to tug at his heart and allow him to truly give into what God has in store for him!

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