Thursday, April 14, 2011

So much to do... so little time!!

Oh me oh my! I am so overwhelmed right now! Overwhelmed with excitement, sadness, happiness and about 10 different other emotions.
In one week from right now I will be with my awesome family, who are volunteering (some more willingly than others), and we will be loading up a uhaul for my MOVE. Hence the reason I haven't been as blogging as much as I'd like. I have so many things I want to share- but I am only going to touch on them at the moment. 
I am so excited! I'm getting nervous about the move, but I know it will all work out! (Even if I have to be reminded)

I have really been thankful for all that God is doing in my life and those around me! My dad made it back from his trip and while, things didn't work out as planned, they worked even better! Praise God!
I can't wait to talk more about this- but really want to sit down and make sure I've got it all in there! :)

Even more exciting than moving is Easter Sunday is coming up! Why am I excited? Not only to celebrate the reason we are able to be Christians, but that we will be taking that gift and putting it in action.
My cousin, Annie, had a wonderful idea for our family this year- we will be heading downtown to have Easter Dinner with the homeless. I cannot tell you how awesome this is going to be! God is surely working in all of our lives!

God, we are yours! Use us!!

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