Monday, September 17, 2007

A pictures worth a 1000 words!

So, most everyone knows I've been on a diet for a few months. I am still losing, tho it's getting harder! But with constant support from fabulous friends and family, I've been able to do it. One other thing that keeps you going is looking at yourself in photos! The night of Emily's Bachelorette party we took a picture and I thought I was lookin pretty good! (My friends are so kind!)
Well, recently we went out for E's birthday and happened to take another picture in the same spot and I ended up in a similar position. WOW! Not that I'm where I need to be, but motivation to keep going.
I really appreciate everyone's encouragement and help! You all are wonderful!! 30 more-- here I go!! :)


Anonymous said...

Looking good! Keep it up! Love, Aunt Sheree

Anonymous said...

You look fabulous!!! Keep up the good work. Wendy

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