Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's Been Awhile!

As I break out into song! For my Thursday Thirteen this week I thought I would post 13 things happening in my life since it's CRAZY at the moment! WARNING: This post is random!

1) I got a new computer! YAY! Still trying to get everything working properly on it.

2) They have found a tumor on my grandfather's brain and lung. Please keep him in your prayers.

3) My step-grandmother went into the hospital for a possible heart attack but she has fluid on her heart, so keep her in your prayers as well.

4) Class is absolutely exhausting!! We have a problem with our certain professor grading us on how she likes us!

5) My cat's sitting on my desk as I type, and he's so adorable!

6) I will never buy a computer from Best Buy again! And Geek Squad employees are pathetic, annoying, pimple-faced, losers who can't get a real job or girlfriend so they take there job as a power trip before going home to their moms or geek squad roommates where they place computer games all day while working on their acne!

7) I'm a very nice person unless you piss me off! Don't hang up the phone on me 9 times when I'm trying to contact your Geek Squad sorry behind!

8) I'm sick of self-righteous little girls who think their stuff don't stink cuz they go on mission trips every summer, then kiss the professors asses and talk and rag on their classmates. I'm sorry, that's not a Christian. I know I'm not perfect, I never claimed to be, but I also am not fake, I know who I am. I'm not gonna pretend I like you, then talk smack behind your back. I know I don't like you and you know I don't like you! (And my friends got my back!)

9) I'm loving all these commercials about "wait for sex". I think its a great message. For so long, the message was wait for sex or use a condom so you don't get an STD. Well guess what, they've finally got the message out that many people aren't getting STDs, their getting these babies they're not ready for! So maybe they'll take a hint!

10) I'm getting a DVR this weekend! I need one desperately!!


12) I've said it before, I'll say it again! I love my friends. I really do. They are such wonderful, kind, sweet people! God truly blessed me!!

13) I've got lots of homework to finish!! And I'm not doing anything about it! haha, That's not unusual!!

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