Thursday, March 7, 2013

Funky Cold Medina

*you're welcome for having that song stuck in your head now too*

I am in a FUNK!
I miss blogging!

I know the easy answer would be to just get my butt back to the computer and write...
but I have nothing to write about!

I hate the cold!
I don't like scarves!
Sick of my boots! (Give me flip flops any day)
And really, what can you blog about when you don't do anything.

I always feel like I need to add some pictures to my blog, but I've got none to add!
Don't get me wrong- I am loving life!
I have a great job! Wonderful boy! Sweet pups! Amazing family and friends!
But I'm in a funk.
I just want to come home from work, throw on the warmest clothes I have and watch tv or play a video game! Not that I'm antisocial- but who wants to go out when it's so dang cold!
I can't handle it! I think my circulation may be bad! LOL

But to not leave you with all complaints- I will update the remaining readers I have with some info in my life lately!!

~ Work is going good! I work for the govt, so there is some fear going around- but changes are also coming down the line... and they make me smile!
~ My baby cousin gets married in a little over two weeks! I can't wait!
~ In prepping for Amy's wedding, I started back at the tanning bed yesterday! (12 minutes was too long!!)
~ My pups are the sweetest! No matter how much they can bug me! LOL
~ I'm getting a haircut today and I'm excited about it!
~ I have a great boyfriend! He makes me so happy!!
~ I have had a definite change in my eating habits! I have started to LOVE yogurt and can eat it all day!
I'm also doing lots more stews and veggies and soups (thanks cold weather)
It's a major plus for a girl with such limited food choices!
~ Things are really turning around for my dad! It's such a blessing!!
~ Have you seen this video??? OMG!!

And because I can't leave a post with no pics...
Here's a few (some stolen from FB) for your viewing pleasure!!
Amy's Bachelorette 
My competition! 
Daddy and Julio 
My sweetie!


Amy said...

Yay a post! :)
I miss your face in real life and in blogworld!!! Seriously can we change that?
I understand what you mean about being in a funk...and they are hard to get out of...but it just takes one day at a time!

Laura Darling said...

I am so tired of snow and cold and boots too!

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