Tuesday, March 12, 2013

10 on Tuesday

Ahhh, first day of the week!
Yeah- I took off yesterday to enjoy a mini vaca with my sweet guy!!
So, what better way to "recap" a lil and kill some time than with a 10 on Tuesday blog!
*Thanks Lin for adding to my procrastination*
We went to the circus!!
It was BEYOND fun! I want an elephant, so if someone can work on that- k thanks!!
I was literally staring mouth open in awe at times! LOL
Holy DVR am I behind!
I am about 10 episodes behind on Dallas and Revenge.
I need to see Sunday's Walking Dead and Army Wives!
Not to mention Girls and I'm working on getting caught up on Game of Thrones before Season 3!!
I'm pretty proud of myself on the DVR/TV Show front... (simple goals people)
I finished Big Love FINALLY!
WTH was that finally?!?!
I was PISSED!!
Ugh- did you watch that show??
It humors me I think I got a "teaching" degree.
I get frustrated when people ask for my help at work and I'm just like...
And I swear they are like... 

What a wonderful word!!
Spring is in 8 days- March 20!!
I can already feel it and I'm LOVING it!!

Did you "spring forward" OK?
I'm soooo glad it was 730 before it got dark last night!
I <3 and="" days="" longer="" warmer="" weather="">

I love getting to work early and leaving early!!
It may be tough to get up at 5am and in by 6...
But leaving at 230 makes it all worth it!!

I have so many new recipes I can't wait to try...
Honey Grilled Tenderloin, Buffalo Chicken Soup, Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers, Cream Cheese Chicken Chili!! Yummmm
Good thing I have a sweet volunteer to help eat these new recipes! LOL

Is it the weekend yet??
I am still thinking we need to work 2 days and off 5...
Who's with me??

I can't wait for my sweet cousin's wedding next weekend!
Picture overload coming!!

Have a great day lovelies!!

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