Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Resolution Recap #3

3. 5K, 10K, 13.1, 26.2

One down, 3 to go!!
I completed my first 5K on February 11! I walked most of it and really wasn't trying to make it under a certain time- and well I did!!
The after!! (Can't find the before)

As I was finishing I thought, I really don't know what the hype is... so I walked 3.1 miles! But then I ran across that finish line and I realized- I DID IT! It was a great accomplishment! I can't wait to do another! I keep looking for more to sign up for- but one thing I'm struggling with is wanting to find fun ones or things that mean something to me.

I am registered for a 10K across this bridge, Ravenel is his name. Maybe you've heard of him?? Yeah, I'm attempting to do the bridge run and we'll see! I have really got to start training more and I'm determined to! Y'all keep me on track with that!!

A half and full marathon are still hanging out there in mid-air, but not sure what the result will be. A friend told me about the Disney marathon, so I'm considering that- but even more, I'm wanting to do "Team in Training" and raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society! There's something that would encourage me to run! I'd have my aunt Lee with me the entire time!! :-)

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Amy said...

I'm excited to join you on this journey!!! :) :)
Its going to be hard, exhausting, excruciating, and BAAA...we will probably throw up, multiple occasions. BUT the beautiful thing is we WILL do it, we will accomplish it, and we will start turning ourselves into the strong woman God has designed for us to be.
Love you sister!!

So we can start looking at training schedules for the half-marathon...holla

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