Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Resolution Recap #2

2. Get to 100

This is still a work in progress, but boy is it coming! I weight last night, and I had lost...
65 pounds!! (Pause for victory dance!)

That's only 35 more to go!!

These jeans were from my cousins before she became a skinny minny, but I benefit! They are Levi's! I have never worn Levi's before! No, not kidding!!
This dress is a size 14... yes, I just told my size and don't care! B/C I have not been in that size since maybe 8th grade?! This was after work and I was too lazy to take off the undershirt, so ignore the straps... but zipping that sucker up was the biggest thrill I've had in a long time!! Now to find a new goal dress!!

 These two were taken mid-January in the mountains on mom and my mini-vaca! I was proud to have some hips back... now I'm trying to get rid of them more!! Gotta up the cardio for sure!!

SO excited about the progress with this goal... can't wait to keep going!! :-)

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