Friday, February 18, 2011

God is SO Good!

OK- I cannot express how much of a slap in the face by God's awesomeness I just got!
I hear you Lord, I will listen that YOU know what's best!

I have been posting on FB all week for prayers and how excited I am and I am finally revealing why...

I found a house for rent on CraigsList in Tanner- my dream neighborhood!! A play-by-play of my week!

Tuesday- Emailed the owner to see if it was available and YAY it was! I called the realtor and asked to see it that day! We made an appointment! I get there and wait- when the realtor got there-- she didn't have a key to the house! But I loved the outside!!

Wednesday- Made an appointment to come back and she promised she would have a key. I got there and there was a different lady. Her assistant. And she wasn't able to answer any of my questions...

Thursday- I call the realtor, tell her I LOVE the house and want it- but have some demands:

1) in the master bedroom, there is caulk still on the walls that needs sanded and painted over- very small area, but need the small fix...
2) I would like to start my lease on March 1, but wondered if I could move some things in over the weekend without starting the lease yet.
3) I would like to pay half my deposit now, half on March 15th
4) I would like a 2 year lease for 900-- the website that showed the house said the price of the house was reduced from 975 to 950 plus lease reduction for longer lease...

She tells me she needs to run everything past the owners and will get back to me...

Patience-- AKA--- something I don't have. I call her at lunch and she still doesn't have an answer. I email before I leave for the day, with no response. Well at this point, I am so disappointed I could cry- oh wait I did!

Elizabeth came home and she talked to me from her point of view. She put some things in perspective and called me out-- I jump head first into things and think later. While she made a great point, I still wanted the house- but it didn't stop me from talking to God and asking him to show me if this was where He wanted me. I asked Him to PLEASE spell it out for me like a child! I came to the decision to "Let Go and Let God"- my 2011 motto- and finally went on with it.


I got an email back from the realtor this morning:

Hi Stacy,

I spoke with the ******* and the following are the answers to your questions:

sanding and painting the area above the window /NO

Deposit will need to be paid in full at time of lease

Your lease can start on March 1, 2011, no problem there, however, if you need to move in early that will be ok at $30.83 per day.

Also, the lease is actually $975 for 1 year with a discount of $50 if the lease is for 2 years or more which would be $925 with a $925 deposit.

I hope I have answered all of your questions and if this works for you, I look forward to meeting with you to finalize the paperwork.

Again- SLAP!!

God knows me so well, that He knew, had it just been ONE thing they didn't agree to, I'd give in! He answered right away!

"No Stacy, Just wait!"

Well God, I am at my knees and humbling myself to your will and I will wait. (I will be waiting with boxes in my house b/c I am already packing) But I am waiting. I trust you!!

God is SOOOO Good!

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