Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Great Shoe Debate....

Phew- I am living sitting down and writing in my blog. We have been so busy at work- blogging was not even in my repertoire. BUT- thankfully, things are slowly calming down and I have started working on ME again!

That being said- I have started back at the gym! *pause for gasping and belief*
I have and I am LOVING it!! I love the feel I get when I can get in my own little world and just escape!

I'm bragging on myself because I have a problem tho!! My poor wittle feet! I am definately needing some new shoes! Right now I have Sketchers Shape-ups and I'm sorry Kim Kardashian- but these SUCK! Which I laugh because I wanted them so bad!

I need to go shopping- really- I do! This is not just an excuse to shop- I'm gettin blisters and all! The back of my ankles are hurting! Blisters on both.

I have big, wide feet and would love any suggestions! Adidas? New Balance? Nike? Definately staying away from Sketchers and with my big, wide feet- shoes from Walmart and Target are really a no go.

What's the best? If you work out alot? Let me know! This is a need!!

Thanks and I'll see ya at the gym!


Kassandra Wood said...

I am a solid size 10 to 10.5 and I have the Reebok version of the Shape-Ups... After walks, jogs, and 13 hour days on my feet at Disney, I still LOVE them!

Southern Girl known as Mommy said...

Congrats on working out again. Okay, Stay away from the shape ups. I never seen anyone at the gym who is really serious wearing them (and they are funny looking, to be blunt). Ole Kim K got a big check to say they're great and maybe they are, but they seem like an "easy way out." To get your butt in shape, do squats and lundges, walk at a high incline. There is a store in Mt Pleasant that can help you pick the right show for YOU. I can't run in Nike', they kill my ankle. I had some addidas that I loved, and I just bought a pair of asics. You should stick to the brand names (Reebok, Nike, etc) You just have to figure out which work best for you. Also, you need to base it on what you plan on doing at the gym. I used to have a workout pair (for general use like lifting, exercise classes, etc) and a pair just for running. Your shoes can make or break your run. Really, this is one of those things everyone has a "favorite" of, but that might not be what is best for you. I know everyone who has been to that shoe place has been pleased. Key is, let them tell you what you need, but dont buy them there. They are more pricey. I would love to work out with you sometime. It is addictive. Proud of you. Love you

Southern Girl known as Mommy said...

that should be "I HAVE never seen. .." You know I don't talk like that. . lol

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