Friday, April 11, 2008


OH WOW! What a beautiful day! My fabulous boyfriend let me use his pool pass and I got to lay and relax today. It was so refreshing and his pool is back away from lots of cars so there wasn't much traffic. The only problem was I got a little sunburnt on my hiney!! :) It was worth it though! Welcome summer! I've missed you!!


Southern Girl known as Mommy said...

Did you lay out in the nude ot wear a g-string? How did your hiney get burnt? LOL
Let me know when you start hanging out at your pool, and soon the water park will be open. Whoo hoo

Stacy said...

I promise! I wasn't nude or g-string, but the way I was laying, somethin happened and I burnt my butt!! It's very painful!!

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