Sunday, July 29, 2007

I love this show!

If you know me-- you already know what show I'm talking about! I love me some Dawson's Creek! It is one of the greatest shows ever created. I was feeling nostalgic tonight and decided to put on me series finale and think of old times! (Not like I don't watch it enough during the week while the boys are playing!) But something about a television show- this one in particular- just becomes a part of me. For that hour of your life you can escape the hassles of the world and just enjoy living the life of the characters on the show. They become part of you-- it becomes serious stuff when you're watching... to the point of not allowing people to talk! :) Then the words spoke by your favorite characters, become quotes of wisdom! Maybe I'm just a little too dramatic and get too involved with the shows I watch-- but I know other people who feel as I do! So it's ok!

Some memorable words that I'm surprised I missed before:
"As much as you want to you can't rely on someone to make you feel alive-- that's an inside job!"

"It's not about getting it right... it's about knowing when it's wrong and doing something about it!"

"It's interesting how people use that expression: "Life and Death", as to say life is the opposite of death. Birth is the opposite of death-- life has no opposite."

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